Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nibbles the Shark

Wow. How I forgot to post Nibbles is beyond me! I made this a few months back. He began as a few chunks of broken lumber mill bandsaw blade that'd almost rusted through my friend Barbara gave me. One chunk was somewhat straight and could be bowed to look like half of a bear trap, which made me think of a shark's mouth. When I got those bits home I straightened them out and made them into two halves of a jaw, which did indeed look like a bear trap. I then scrounged around, made a few calls, and started building a shark from the mouth back, which seems the most appropriate way to do that.

Nibbles is almost entirely made from bicycle and motorcycle parts aside from the stand with his nose being a football helmet face guard. I took him out to art walk a few months ago and got a great response. He turns on the stand like a weather vane and can be removed to move it around. He's *just* light enough for me to carry around and heave onto the stand.

I'm debating whether to set his eyes to light up red and have a switch or remote control to set off the horn in his mouth to make people jump.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gifts for a Friend

A while back I went to Austin, TX to visit my good friend Barbara Tomlinson and hang out, climb rocks, and lounge around for a week. While she was at work she asked me to make her something with a small mountain of unused electrical components and general goodies she had around her place, and these are what I came up with over a day or two. The gears turn on the panel piece and I made her the archers since she's been cross that I sold the archer a while back and it wasn't to her. Sisyphis and the horse just seemed to pop up and that mouse ball was asking for someone to roll it.

Been lazy at posting lately. Sorry!

My sorry butt's been slacking off with S2S lately what with house renovations and sharp-tongued bankers, but here's some shade-tree stuff I've been working on the last little long while:

Helped my friend Bri out with a school project. Ever seen a chain-link fence cap as a mouse's head?

I managed to get my hands on a 2ft section of railroad track a month or two ago and decided to try a little forge work with the track as an anvil, so I also tossed together a coal forge from a pipe, old sink, blow dryer, and some of a deceased desk:

With the best thing forged so far other than my tongs being this:

Twisting an inch thick chunk of glowing hot steel like cold butter and seeing the scale crumble away is pretty damn awesome. I'm seriously debating making a propane forge.

I've also gotten my hands on a gas motor for a bicycle and put it on a bike frame that I stretched out and modified pretty heavily. It started life like this:

and now looks like this:

I'm still wearing in the motor, but once I do I'll strip the frame, add another top tube in the middle of the frame, and hopfully braze up an in-frame long tank for it too before I paint it. Flat black works for now....

My shade tree in the back yard has been making a decent workshop (barring rain) after I made a picnic table, so I made another little bike to take my mind off things that don't involve sizzling hot metal:

It's a crap photo, but the square nail exhaust came out very well with a little baby-forging and a coat of shellac instead of clear coat makes it feel awesome to hold.

And finally here's a preview of something in-progress that I'm still not sure where I'm going with it, but I'm pretty happy so far:

And a picture my friend Ernest was nice enough to do a great job taking:

More to come as I get the latest metal man and whatever else I get done finished.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

T800 Terminator Hand

A good friend of mine's birthday was coming up a few months ago and he remarked that it would be awesome if I could make him a terminator's hand as a birthday gift half-jokingly. I thought about for a few days off and on and eventually worked out that I could probably pull it off. I managed to get it done before his birthday and I think it came out very well. Everything's as close to proper scale as I could make it except and the sizes of parts are right about the same except where I simply didn't have the right materials to go with. Finding something similar to some of the parts made out of either stainless steel, chromed steel, or at least galvanized is hard. I did just so happen to have a nearly exact match for the ball joint in the wrist though. Here's the comparison of the real deal and what I made:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Art walk was awesome (also, DOH!)

Last night at the art walk went better than I could have imagined. There were lots of times where the crowd around my stand made a decent traffic jam in the area I was in. A bunch of my friends dropped by and wound up staying to see people's reactions and hang out, and I even sold several pieces. There were people taking photos and asking questions and the best part might have been the little kids' reactions when they got to get close and wiggle the t-rex's head or hold the little chopper bike. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT! I don't think I've ever seen Jacksonville's downtown look so lively. It's too bad it's not like that more often.

Also, I totally messed up my cards and put .net on the web address instead of .com, so if you know anyone who's having a hard time finding the site because of that let them know what's up. I also made a "Scrap to Sculpture" page on facebook too in case you want to check out what I'm up to that way as well. Feel free to tag me if you were one of the ones shutter-bugging last night.

Great King Tiki Tocki

This is has been one of my favorite creations so far. The King is made of propane tanks, bike chain, a spring from a pogo stick, and various other things, but the two best things about him are that his head doubles as a hank drum, though I never got around to tuning him and the heat probably makes the tone off some. As you can see the other great thing about him is you can use him as an outdoor fireplace with a small door in the back and when fully loaded with pine cones or something similar he'll turn red hot and blow fire from his mouth and eyes. I may very well make more like him.

He sold last night at the art walk to a very cool guy and some of his friends and I wish them all the best and many a nice evening lit by something a little cooler than your usual tiki torch.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August Art Walk

After going to a couple local art shows and some encouraging words and praise from a few professional artists I've gotten a place to show off some of my stuff at the Downdown Jacksonville Art Walk. It's short notice, but I'll be out there between 5pm and 9pm today, so if you're not doing anything and would like to check out some of my stuff as well as paintings, music, and all sorts of pet-related stuff this time around. It's good times and you get discounts on the post-art-walk pub crawl after 9 if you save your flyer.

(PSST.... Over here... I'll also have some stuff I've been working on that I haven't had a chance to put on TheStuffIMade yet too, so come check it out before maybe it gets sold!)