Thursday, August 5, 2010

Great King Tiki Tocki

This is has been one of my favorite creations so far. The King is made of propane tanks, bike chain, a spring from a pogo stick, and various other things, but the two best things about him are that his head doubles as a hank drum, though I never got around to tuning him and the heat probably makes the tone off some. As you can see the other great thing about him is you can use him as an outdoor fireplace with a small door in the back and when fully loaded with pine cones or something similar he'll turn red hot and blow fire from his mouth and eyes. I may very well make more like him.

He sold last night at the art walk to a very cool guy and some of his friends and I wish them all the best and many a nice evening lit by something a little cooler than your usual tiki torch.

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