Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Been lazy at posting lately. Sorry!

My sorry butt's been slacking off with S2S lately what with house renovations and sharp-tongued bankers, but here's some shade-tree stuff I've been working on the last little long while:

Helped my friend Bri out with a school project. Ever seen a chain-link fence cap as a mouse's head?

I managed to get my hands on a 2ft section of railroad track a month or two ago and decided to try a little forge work with the track as an anvil, so I also tossed together a coal forge from a pipe, old sink, blow dryer, and some of a deceased desk:

With the best thing forged so far other than my tongs being this:

Twisting an inch thick chunk of glowing hot steel like cold butter and seeing the scale crumble away is pretty damn awesome. I'm seriously debating making a propane forge.

I've also gotten my hands on a gas motor for a bicycle and put it on a bike frame that I stretched out and modified pretty heavily. It started life like this:

and now looks like this:

I'm still wearing in the motor, but once I do I'll strip the frame, add another top tube in the middle of the frame, and hopfully braze up an in-frame long tank for it too before I paint it. Flat black works for now....

My shade tree in the back yard has been making a decent workshop (barring rain) after I made a picnic table, so I made another little bike to take my mind off things that don't involve sizzling hot metal:

It's a crap photo, but the square nail exhaust came out very well with a little baby-forging and a coat of shellac instead of clear coat makes it feel awesome to hold.

And finally here's a preview of something in-progress that I'm still not sure where I'm going with it, but I'm pretty happy so far:

And a picture my friend Ernest was nice enough to do a great job taking:

More to come as I get the latest metal man and whatever else I get done finished.

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