Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nibbles the Shark

Wow. How I forgot to post Nibbles is beyond me! I made this a few months back. He began as a few chunks of broken lumber mill bandsaw blade that'd almost rusted through my friend Barbara gave me. One chunk was somewhat straight and could be bowed to look like half of a bear trap, which made me think of a shark's mouth. When I got those bits home I straightened them out and made them into two halves of a jaw, which did indeed look like a bear trap. I then scrounged around, made a few calls, and started building a shark from the mouth back, which seems the most appropriate way to do that.

Nibbles is almost entirely made from bicycle and motorcycle parts aside from the stand with his nose being a football helmet face guard. I took him out to art walk a few months ago and got a great response. He turns on the stand like a weather vane and can be removed to move it around. He's *just* light enough for me to carry around and heave onto the stand.

I'm debating whether to set his eyes to light up red and have a switch or remote control to set off the horn in his mouth to make people jump.

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